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Welcome to Power Yoga Evolution, where our vision is to constantly strive to connect to our inner and outer strengths. If you are on this page, then obviously you are ready to transform your body, mind and spirit.

Power Yoga Evolution uses a yogic series of poses by which a unique skeletal alignment system from simple engineering principles, and a sequence methodology using kinesiological principles open up limited ranges of motion as quickly and as safely as possible.

We focus on hot power yoga to achieve optimum muscle flexibility. Typically, a heated room is around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This form of yoga is the fastest growing yoga because of the many benefits it provides. It helps individual’s muscle to loosen up and rids the body of harmful toxins through sweat.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a style of yoga which is performed in a hot and humid room, which imitates the climate of South India, the birthplace of yoga. The room is pre-heated to a temperature of 30-40° Celsius and has humidity of 40%. Your body warms up rather quickly in such an environment and this adds to its flexibility and facilitates deep stretching. 

Power Yoga

Hot Power Yoga for Optimal Health
Whether you are looking to improve your body, heal old injuries, gain flexiblity, cure what is troubling you, aid in weight loss, reduce anxiety and panic attacks, reduce stress and rid oneself of anger, enjoy a good night’s sleep, or simply cultivate deeper bonds with others, Power Yoga can help you attain these goals and much more. Why not renew your spirit and transform your mind and body. Power Yoga is for optimal health! Power Yoga is for everyone!

What is Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga
Power Yoga is a general term used to describe a more vigorous, fitness–based approach to vinyasa-style yoga and may vary widely from class to class, because it does not adhere to a specific series of poses. However, strength and flexibility is emphasized through this approach. It provides synchronous breathing with strong flowing movements combined with a hot, high energy workout. This is one of the reasons that power yoga has become increasingly popular. Individuals view this as an alternative way to working out, plus they reap the multitude of benefits associated with power yoga.

Benefits of Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga
-Power yoga bolsters strength, stamina and flexibility
-It improves one’s ability to focus and increases concentration
-It a great way to release tension and anxiety and relaxes the body
-It help’s individual maintain proper posture
-It tones up the body and improves lean muscle mass
-It removes bodily toxins through sweat
-It’s a great training tool for athletes
-It increases and harmonizes the heart rate
-It increases metabolic rate, reduces fat, and burns calories

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