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Rob Iorio of Power Yoga Evolution

Rob Iorio Owner of Power Yoga Evolution 

After years of training in different styles of combat martial arts, by 2002 my body was aching from head to toe. It got so bad that I could not function without pain. Although X-rays and an MRI were unremarkable, I had many areas of pain throughout my entire body. I tried all sorts of therapies, to no avail. Someone mentioned the healing practice of hot yoga. So, I did my research and was astounded to learn the benefits provided by this practice. Needless to say, I was impressed and started immediately and within 30 days my body began to show signs of healing. Holding poses called Asanas helped align my body and long relaxing stretches helped lengthen my muscles. I learned the art of listening to my breath which helped center my mind and all this was done in a hot room with sweat dripping off me like a faucet detoxifying every cell in my body. Finally at the end of every class a meditative pose called Savasana totally and completely relaxed me. Although, I was originally interested in the physical healing of hot yoga, I soon began to realize the total health benefits that practicing hot yoga provides to the body, mind and spirit. I soon began to develop the art of relaxing deeper into my breath, allowing the calming and centering of my mind and by relaxing my mind, I was able to heal and align my mental as well as my physical and spiritual being. The more attention I brought to my breath the calmer I became; thus, realizing that my suffering was caused by me alone enabling me to take responsibility for all my own actions of healing myself. At that point, yoga became more than just a workout—hot yoga became a healing system for both my mental and physical wellness and a way of life for me!

Lynne Avallone 

is a native to the area, with an initial background in aesthetics. For over 20 years Lynne has been a makeup artist and skin care specialists. Currently her time is broken up between doing freelance makeup for wedding parties and brides, working at Bella Vita Salon and Spa as an Aesthetician, and now with us as a yoga teacher! Lynne’s journey with yoga began about 15 years ago. Through the practice of yoga she was able to connect with her divine self, which made her want to teach. She felt an urge to help others unlock their true selves in the way hers was. This lead to Lynne getting certified at Sacred Movement Yoga by Kristina Hupp. Lynne is also certified in Reiki. While visiting her daughter in New York City she enjoys free time by taking different yoga classes and is excited to share her experiences with all of you. She is ecstatic about being a part of Power Yoga Evolution and says, “Without yoga, I would never have truly learned how to breathe…”

Nanci Charney 

Nanci began at PYE as a member. She began teaching after completed her 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 from Sacred Movement Yoga in Ogunquit, Maine. Nanci’s soothing voice guides her students through a Vinyasa flow emphasizing self-compassion and non-judgment. Experience a moving meditation incorporating breath work, balance, core strengthening, and a restorative shavasana.

Nanci loves introducing new yogis to the practice, as well as helping experienced yogis become stronger.

Nanci hopes her students will discover the wellness benefits of power yoga, including feel energized, more flexible, and stronger. She believes time on your mat leads to a happier life.

Nanci also shares yoga at senior living communities, with independent, assisted living and memory-care yogis.

Judy Yoga Teacher at Power Yoga Evolution

Judy McAmis

Judy McAmis is a 200-hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) trauma-informed yoga and wellness instructor who completed her training at Yoga Farm Ithaca in January of 2022. Since then she has worked one-on-one with individual clients and hosted in-home private sessions for six or more students on a regular basis. Judy has been practicing yoga for over 20 years in a variety of environments and styles including vinyasa flow, hot yoga, power yoga, yin yoga, and is well seasoned in meditation. She has a true passion for the practice and study of yoga and takes great care to get to know her students, their physical limitations and goals, and what they hope to gain from a regular practice. She welcomes new and seasoned students to her classes.
Judy is also studying Yoga Therapy through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Training School.

Jessica Haskell 

I started my yoga journey at PYE about 6 years ago and have fallen in love with the studio and the community. I’ve worked in the behavioral health field for about 4 years now with a passion of helping others in their journeys to finding inner peace. My mission is to offer the same service to others through yoga as it gave so much to me.

Shannon Fitzgerald 

Shannon began her yoga journey 11 years ago as a means to balance her lifestyle. As a caretaker in hospice, a deep realization for the necessity of self care became her search at a young age. She is passionate about sharing a holistic approach to the practice, having been deeply nurtured, inspired and healed through yoga’s many paths. Yoga simply was the ground support she needed to overcome obstacles and become the very best version of herself.
Over the past several years Shannon has attended Omega Institute for trainings in ashtanga, pranayama, yin yoga, youth yoga, Reiki certification, and is the former owner of Awake Yoga Studio in Wakefield. She has held classes and workshops around the world. Currently she is a certified EMT and on list for the Massachusetts Fire Department.

Crystal Murphy 

A lifelong martial artist, Crystal became involved with Kyokushin Karate at just 6 years old under the tutelage of her Black Belt parents. As she got older, she became involved in a variety of other Martial Arts including Muay Thai, Kempo, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and currently trains and competes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Five years ago a back injury took her out of martial arts training and led her to discover yoga and meditation. Last year, she received her RYT-200 from HOME Yoga and has been happily teaching since.

Her classes focus primarily on alignment, proper posture, and breathing techniques. Students can expect to be safely and gently led into postures. Her mission as a teacher is to help her students find a strength within themselves that they can carry with them both on and off the mat. Crystal truly believes that Yoga is for everybody and that there is benefit in regular yoga practice.

Danielle Benson 

Danielle has been teaching a variety of different yoga styles since 2007, live and most recently virtually.
She loves being able to see the benefits her students get from exercise. Danielle has a vast knowledge
of the human body and how the mind and body can find power, energy, and calmness through
practicing yoga.
Before becoming an instructor, Danielle enjoyed gymnastics and outdoor activities and in her spare
time, Danielle enjoys spending time with her 3 children and her pets.

Dawn Ferrairo
I began my yoga practice 13 years ago, shortly after having my second child. I was hesitant to practice at first because I was mainly focused on running and cardio at the time. It didn’t take me long at all to turn in my sneakers and treadmill for a yoga mat and daily practices.

I have an associates degree in drug and alcohol counseling but put that career on hold to raise my three children. With the support of my husband we did just that.

After cancer took my mom from this world I decided I wanted to show people that there are so many endless benefits to yoga.

Yoga has not only been helping me heal from my devastating loss but has given me much needed balance to deal with this crazy thing we call life.

My goal as a teacher is to welcome my students into a safe, healthy, guided environment as they flow mindfully through their practice and to teach them how to become grounded both on and off their mats.

Molly Gring

Molly is a retired elementary school teacher who started her journey on her mat in 2011. She has completed Marlena Bruno’s 200 hour Teacher Training Course at Mantra Yoga Studio in Danvers, Ma. Additional Instructors included: David Vendetti, Deana Beacon, Willa Devoti Worsfold, and many more. She is excited to bring her two passions together: Teaching and Yoga. After several years of practicing, and experiencing all the amazing changes that has happened in her mind and body, she is happy to be spreading the joys and benefits of yoga on to you. She starts each class with time to settle into your breathe, then heats you up with flow and ends the class with restorative stretches followed by savasina. This is an all levels class that will leave you balanced: Rejuvenated and Relaxed. Molly resides in North Andover with her husband, 15 year old twins (boy and girl) and 20 year old daughter.

Mantra: Yoga, it’s a practice not a perfection. If you arrive on your mat and just breathe, you’re doing it right!