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Hot Yoga For Runners

Hot Yoga for Runners
Hot yoga is a type yoga that is performed in a heated room. The hot and humid environment should have a temperature of 30° to 50° Celsius, and humidity of 40% to 60%. It keeps the body and muscles warm, and make it easier to get into and out of yoga asanas. The basic idea of this form of exercise is to perform the asanas in physical conditions that are similar to the hot and humid climate of India, the birthplace of yoga.
Benefits of Hot Yoga
Hot yoga helps students focus on the mind and body connection and strengthens it. Students pay close attention to the manner in which they breathe as they move from one asana to another. This ensures that they gain maximal benefit from each asana. Yoga exercises both internal and external organs, and promotes good health. The heated room also ensures that students sweat profusely while they exercise. Sweating is the body’s natural way of getting rid of toxins. At the end of a class, students feel revitalized and energized. In the long run they stay healthy and strong, and are not prone to illness and fatigue. It also helps students lose weight and improve the muscular structure of the body, by keeping it fit and slim.
How runners can benefit from Hot Yoga
Whether running is a passion or something you do competitively, hot yoga offers many benefits for runners. Running requires good stamina, flexibility, strength and speed. Hot yoga can help a runner gain all this and more. Hot yoga ensures that you perform your exercises safely and avoid any damage to muscles, ligaments and cartilages. A runner is able to concentrate on his or her breathing and is able to address every part of the body. There are asanas that are specially designed for specific parts of the body such as the back, neck, thighs and hips. Performing hot yoga under the rigorous physical conditions greatly increases stamina and strength. Your lung capacity can be increased and heart muscles strengthened when you perform hot yoga. You can expect an increase in muscular strength as fat is burnt and muscles built. The mind and body connection is strengthened when you perform hot yoga regularly. This is unlike other forms of exercise where your mind may be on other matters while you workout. Running is as much about physical training and condition as it is about mental strength and will power. With regular practice of hot yoga runners can expect to run faster and smarter.
Hot Yoga is a Safe Workout
Runners often experience pain and injuries caused due to incorrect posture and bad body alignment. Hot yoga focuses on aligning the body correctly, so that it is balanced well and there is no misbalanced pressure or strain on any particular part of the body. Balance and flexibility are the foundation for great running. It is important that your body is healthy, flexible and well balanced. Hot yoga reduces the chances of injuries while the runner is in training. The muscles are kept warm due to temperature and humidity of the class room. This ensures that the muscles don’t cool down and stiffen when the student moves form one asana to another.