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A fitness regime should be chosen based on what you desire to gain out of it. Exercising is an essential part our lives and ensures that the body stays strong and healthy. However, it is not just the body that needs attention you also need to pay close attention to its connection with the mind.

Hot yoga can help you perform yoga safely and properly. Deep breathing exercises improve lung functioning and energize your body. You will learn asanas that will exercise your muscles and ligaments and also the internal organs. You will burn fat and lose weight whilst you gain from the smooth and proper functioning of the internal organs. Hot yoga is especially beneficial for runners, players and for students of martial arts. It improves endurance, flexibility and balance.

Hot yoga is a style of yoga which is performed in a hot and humid room, which imitates the climate of South India, the birthplace of yoga. The room is pre-heated to a temperature of 30-40° Celsius and has humidity of 40%. Your body warms up rather quickly in such an environment and this adds to its flexibility and facilitates deep stretching. Students are able to hold the yoga poses properly and for longer. Also, you don’t have to worry about injuries that may otherwise have been sustained due to the muscles cooling down.

Hot yoga offers the body a rigorous workout. This form of exercise is based on the premise that to gain good health you need to cleanse the body of toxins. In a hot and humid setting, the body sweats easily. When you do yoga it cleanses the body from the inside out. Each asana stretches and exercises certain muscles, and also improves the performance of a corresponding internal organ. When the lymphatic system works effectively it helps the body stay strong and free of infection and disease.

Improving blood circulation to all parts of the body ensures that they receive fresh, oxygen rich blood. The extension and compression of joints, muscles and organs cuts off blood circulation for a short period of time and this encourages the heart to pump more blood. Thus, after a yoga asana is performed the part of the body that was exercised gains from improved blood circulation.

How to Choose a Yoga Class

Before you choose a yoga class it is crucial that you speak to your doctor and the yoga instructor. Talk to them about any disease or health condition that you may suffer from. Hot yoga is quite vigorous and the physical setting of the class makes it taxing on the body. It is important that you drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself, or you may find yourself feeling dizzy due to dehydration.

A hot yoga class follows a smooth and slow series of yoga asanas. These stretch and exercise the body while reliving stress from it. Certain poses help remove gas from the body and improve the digestive process, still others helps burn fat and lose weight. Yoga helps a student focus on each posture and keeps the mind clear of any thoughts and worries. At the end of the class a student feels well exercised and energized.


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