Yoga for Depression
Depression is a condition that affects people of all age groups and can be brought on by a multitude of reasons. Depression can be related to a loss of employment, relationship issues and sickness. From high school students and young adults to middle aged professionals and seniors, depression can affect anyone. It is important that one accepts the fact that the condition requires attention and active steps need to be taken to deal with it. Regular exercise and a healthy diet keep the body healthy and strong, and also help keep the mind agile and the spirit strong. Research indicates that the endorphins that are released by physical exertion, such as a workout, make the body feel happier and better. Power yoga is particularly great for people who are depressed or are plagued by the blues. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on the bond between the mind, body and spirit. The focus is not just on performing the asanas but getting in and out of them while paying close attention to inhalation and exhalation. How yoga can help deal with depression Yoga helps the student focus on himself or herself. Deep breathing makes students aware of the most basic and crucial of all bodily processes. Breathing exercises such as pranayama require that a student focuses on inhaling and exhaling in a certain manner. During the duration of the class the student focuses on their body and mind, and this helps clear their mind of any worries or doubts. Yoga has an interesting affect on the human body, it revitalizes the body and helps calm the mind. Researchers believe that by changing the bio-chemistry of the brain depression can be treated effectively. Anti-depressant drugs help in increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. Practice of yoga and aerobic exercise also improve serotonin release, naturally. There are several schools of yoga that you can consider and choose from. While some styles of yoga are quite vigorous, others are slower. Level of fitness and any physical condition such as hyper tension or a heart condition needs to be considered. It is best to speak with your doctor and a yoga teacher before you enroll for a class. Some asanas that are good for depression include the suryanamaskar or the Sun Salutation, savasana or the corpse pose and the ustrasana or the camel pose. Yoga exercises not just the muscles of the body but also the internal organs. This improves organ performance and promotes good health. Yoga is valuable for people of age groups. Whether the depression is caused post pregnancy or due to a traumatic experience, yoga can strengthen the body. Depending on your preference, you can choose a yoga class that includes meditation and chanting. It helps calm the mind and find inner peace. Some of the other benefits of yoga include weight loss, a stronger immune system and improved energy levels. These help students feel better and improve self esteem and confidence. In turn, this facilitates better decisions and choices that allow them to lead a healthy lifestyle.