Hot Yoga for Golfers
Golf is a game of focus, concentration and flexibility. It is also a solitary game, wherein the player needs to stay focused at all times. A golfer needs to be physical fit and mental agile. He or she needs to stay healthy, fit and strong, and yoga can help achieve this. Hot Yoga not only keeps your body fit and energized but can also help you deal with ailments such as back aches. It is a unique and ancient school of exercise that focuses on the bond between the mind and the body. Students learn asanas or poses that exercise various parts of the body. It also keeps the internal organs healthy and improves functioning. It relaxes the mind and allows you to focus on your breathing, the most essential of body processes. Yoga offers the body a great workout and helps strengthen the bond between the mind and the body. It also has spiritual aspects that may interest some students. However, most yoga classes only focus on breathing exercises and asanas, and sometimes on mantras, which may help a student concentrate on the exercise that is being performed. Why golfers need to do yoga Due to the nature of the game, golfers often suffer from backaches. Frequently twisting the spine or back can cause imbalance, strain and aches. Yoga can help you strengthen your back muscles so that you are able to improve your swing and game. It helps release muscular tension and can increase flexibility and dexterity. This translates into better accuracy at the tee and being able to hit the golf ball well. When your body balance is optimal, you are able to distribute your body weight in a manner that allows you to swing well. Furthermore, you will also find that you will have better control over the club. Yoga helps the mind calm down and relax. It is a non-competitive exercise and helps you focus on yourself. You become more aware of the needs of your body and of the environment around you. With better concentration abilities a golfer is able to visualize the same situation in several ways. This will improve your game greatly. Breathing is one of the most basic and important bodily processes. It ensures that adequate amounts of oxygen reach every part of the body and keep it energized. The level of oxygen in the body can affect performance on and off the golf course. By learning good breathing exercises or pranayam, you can ensure that you breathe in more oxygen than you did before. Most golfers are worried about taking on an exercise regime that may cause injuries, or strain the body. Yoga can offer your body a slow or vigorous workout, depending on the school of yoga that you opt for. Power yoga is great for students who wish to achieve a high level of fitness. Hot yoga can help cleanse the body of toxins from the inside out and facilitate deep stretching. If you suffer from an ailment or health condition it is wise to speak to your doctor and yoga instructor prior to enrolling for a class.