Power Yoga For Loosing Weight
Exercise is a crucial part of any health regime. Power yoga can help you lose weight, improve self esteem and gain a fit, supple body. There are many different schools of yoga that a student can choose from. Your choice may be based on your level of fitness, any underlying medical condition and what you seek to gain from yoga. Some popular schools of yoga include Power yoga, Hatha yoga and Iyengar yoga. Essentially yoga involves the performance of asanas, while you pay close attention to the manner in which you inhale and exhale. The asanas that are done remain the same but the manner in which students get in and out of the postures differs greatly. Power yoga is a strenuous version of the Ashtanga yoga. It is vigorous, and offers the body a full work out. If you thought that yoga is slow and cannot offer your body a cardio workout, then you are in for a surprise when you attend your first class of power yoga. The term power yoga was coined by Beryl Bender Birch, an Ashtanga yoga teacher. This form of exercise is also influenced by Bikram yoga and Iyengar yoga. A Power yoga class is often held in a pre-heated room, which is warm and humid. This makes it an ideal environment to perform yoga as the body is kept warm at all times, and the risk of injury is reduced greatly. If you are watching a class of Power yoga, it may seem like a well coordinated and smooth dance routine. However, it offers students a rigorous exercise regime. The focus is on performing each asana properly and holding it for a certain amount of time, in order to improve the balance and flexibility of the body. Power yoga doesn’t offer the body a rushed or frenzied workout. On the contrary, every pose requires tremendous concentration and the student must have knowledge about each pose that is performed. Power yoga is recommended for students who have a good level of fitness, have a basic understanding of yoga asanas and don’t suffer from any chronic ailments. As mentioned earlier, this form of exercise offers the body an excellent workout. It exercises virtually every part of the body, from the inside out. This ensures that not only are the extremities exercised but the organ systems also benefit. It improves stamina, flexibility and strength, and helps the body lose weight. As the body’s organ systems begin to work effectively and in harmony the student is able to slowly achieve a level of optimal performance. When the digestive system works efficiently weight loss is a side effect. At the end of a class, students are well exercised and sweat a lot. This ensures that their bodies are cleansed of toxins and left revitalized. The student is also able to understand the needs of the body and usually avoids excess in any form. Yoga is more than just performing poses; it involves the strengthening of the mind and body connection. This in turn relieves the body of stress and tension, and the student is able to relax properly. Far too often weight gain is caused by unhealthy eating and exercise patterns and yoga can help you break them. http://www.spryliving.com/articles/fitness-myths/ http://yoga.about.com/od/poweryoga/a/power.htm http://yoga.about.com/od/yogafa1/f/loseweight.htm