Power Yoga for Post Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a very special and beautiful time in a woman’s life. Child birth and taking on the responsibilities of a parent can be rather challenging on your body and mind. What you need is a form of exercise that helps you gain back your pre-pregnancy shape and improves your stamina and strength. Power yoga is just perfect for post pregnancy. Post pregnancy needs The first that you need to understand when you are considering an exercise regime post pregnancy is to choose one based on your level of fitness. You don’t want to overdo it and end up straining and injuring yourself. This makes power yoga perfect for new mums. This ancient form of exercise focuses on performing asanas while breathing properly. It exercises every part of your body, internal and external, and ensures that organs work effectively and in perfect coordination. Power yoga is usually done in a warm room that keeps your body warm while you perform various asanas and reduces the risk of injury. Post pregnancy many women complain of mood swings, fatigue and depression. They are also often unhappy with their self image. Yoga strengthens the bond between the body and mind and offers students confidence in themselves. It helps them focus and concentrate, and build physical strength as well as will power.
Power yoga for mums
Power yoga offers your body a strenuous workout. To an onlooker, it may seem like a smooth performance of asanas, but requires careful attention to stretching and holding postures for several seconds at a time. Power yoga is a school of yoga that is influenced by other schools such as Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar yoga. It is required for the student to have a decent knowledge of yoga. However, even if you have never done yoga before, you can speak to a power yoga instructor about joining a beginner’s class. During a yoga class, you can expect to stretch and exercise every limb of your body. You will sweat and burn fat like you would in a cardio workout. At the end of the class you will feel cleansed and revitalized, and will have more energy than you may have felt in days. Parenting is a time consuming and tiring process. You need all the stamina, strength and patience that your body and mind can summon up. The yoga class can be a special time for you to concentrate on yourself. It gives you some time to focus on yourself and not on parenting, your job or your home. Most doctors recommend that mums wait for at least 6 to 12 weeks before they begin their fitness routine. In case you had a cesarean section, it is best to consult your doctor before you begin. Likewise, do speak to your doctor and yoga instructor about your physical condition before you join a power yoga class. There are certain asanas that can help you lose weight, strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, and lose belly fat. The suryanamaskar, or the sun salutation, is an integral part of Power yoga. Other yoga postures can improve digestion, reduce unhealthy food cravings and give you a sense of well being. You may also wish to join a power yoga class with your spouse or partner, and enjoy the benefits of healthy living. Refer http://www.yoga-from-a-to-z.com/after-pregnancy-weight.html http://www.poweryoga.com/aboutyoga/faq.php#pregnant http://holisticyoga.info/health/yoga-after-pregnancy/