Hot Yoga for Stress Management
Stress in varying amounts and intensity is experienced by virtually everyone in the modern world. Whether it is a high school student, a young adult or a middle aged professional, most people deal with stress on a daily basis. How you deal with stressors will decide how your mind and body is affected by them. Stress causes symptoms such as irritation, restlessness, insomnia, fatigue and an inability to concentrate or focus. These conditions often worsen the situation that brought on the stress. Hot Yoga is effective in managing stress. It helps your mind and body to relax and strengthens the underlying connection. Yoga is meant for people of all age groups and varying levels of fitness. Even if you have not exercised since the last time you entered your high school gym, yoga can help you become flexible and fit. Before you begin, you should discuss any health issues, which you may have, with your doctor and yoga instructor.
Benefits of Hot Yoga
Far too often stress causes physiological reactions in the body that can damage it and hamper organ functioning. Yoga can help you pay attention to your body and mind. It helps students pay close attention to tell tale signs that tell them that all is not well with the body. Yoga improves flexibility, and balance, and can reduce cortisol levels and blood pressure. The foundation of yoga lies in performing the asanas while breathing in a proper manner. As students pay attention to their breathing and the asanas that they move into and out of, for the period of the class, they are stress free. Some exercises such as the Suryanamaskar can be done whilst reciting the mantra that goes with it. This helps the student focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Hot Yoga can help you prioritize issues that are important to you. Research indicates that looking at the same situation after taking a break often allows you to look at a problem with a creative and positive attitude. Some specific asanas such as ‘shavaasana’ or the corpse position and ‘balasana’, the child pose help the body relax and calm down.
Posture and self image
Regularly performing this ancient school of exercise makes a student realize how important posture is to the body and self image. Often when people are stressed out, they tend to stoop. This in turn reduces the supply of oxygen to the body as the person takes shallow breaths. If you breathe properly, and perhaps walk away from the situation for a while, you may gain from a new perspective on the situation. A healthy body is home to a productive mind. Yoga can help you lose weight and stay fit. It is a non-competitive exercise regime that helps you focus on yourself and gain self understanding. There are many asanas that can be performed to deal with specific problems such as head and back aches that may be related to constant stress that you may be dealing with. Still others are beneficial for people who suffer from conditions such as diabetes and hyper tension. After attending a class of Hot Yoga students report that they feel relaxed and yet, revitalized. Refer